Clean Wind Energy from Iceland to the UK

 an Introduction

The KÁRI Project

The Kári Project aims to develop and install 2,000 MW off the southeastern or eastern coast of Iceland. The produced power would be transferred to the United Kingdom by power transmission cables and sold within the UK. The project is developed by Hecate Independent Power, a partnership corporation formed by Hecate Wind LLC and Independent Power Corporation PLC. The team has decades of experience developing grid-scale power projects across the globe. 

Offshore Wind Turbines
MW Capacity
1 +
Permanent Jobs in Iceland
KÁRI Project

Why Iceland?

Eastern Iceland has significant wind quality and weather systems in Iceland tend to be different than the UK.  Therefore winds blow during different times.

25% of the UK’s electricity is provided by wind (2020).  10.4 gigawatts of offshore capacity is expected to double over the next 5 years

Iceland's Benefits


Annual payments in the form of rent or resource tax to the Icelandic people. Investment in Iceland due to construction, supplies and services with KÁRI will be considerable and ongoing, such as assembling stations and production linked to the wind turbines, maintenance stations, ships and equipment.


400+ permanent direct jobs in Operations and Maintenance and 300+ year-round direct jobs during assembly on the coast. The wide range of jobs include: management, engineers, project managers, turbine technicians, welders, deep sea divers, boat crews and helicopter pilots.


KÁRI Energy will be an Icelandic company, founded around the project that will increase tax revenue, both of the state and the municipalities in the Eastern and Southeastern regions. The benefits of the area of employment in the Eastern and Southeastern regions would be great due to the deployment of newest technologies and specialisation of jobs.